A Glorious Return

Discord's Android app used to have a (super-secret) theme called AMOLED which was optimized for OLED screens. It made the Android app a lot darker, to the point of using pure black as the background color in most places.

That Fateful Day

On Discord pushed an update that has been in the works for over half a year, which ported most parts of the iOS app over to Android and entirely replaced the old Android app, to the beta version of the Discord Android app. The iOS app however never had an AMOLED theme, so to the outrage of many the AMOLED was no were to be found in the update. Many people that received the update by being on the beta branch, took to Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms to share how much they were missing the AMOLED theme in the new update.

A Spark of Hope in the Darkness

Not all hope was lost however, as two days later on Discord pushed build 129001 of the Discord web app which added three interesting messages:

+ EXPERIMENTAL: "Experimental"
+ EXPERIMENTAL_AMOLED_MODE_NOTE: "This feature is experimental and incomplete. Things might break unexpectedly. Use at your own risk."

Glorious Return

Not too long after that on a new beta build for the Discord Android app was pushed. Nothing really seemed off at first, but some people checked if by any chance the AMOLED theme had made a return without expecting anything. But there it was: The AMOLED theme made a return. And a return it was, as there was several improvements made to it compared to the AMOLED theme from the old app, i.e. fixing a few unthemed sections of the app.

A Peek into the Future

There have been rumors that the AMOLED theme might also come to the iOS app, though there are no official sources for this. All we can do for now is speculate whether or not these rumors are true, but it's quite likely we'll find out soon.