Application Command Improvements

In the past Application Commands were already quite nice to use, but there was still some things that made them annoying to use for people.

Application Command Mentions

To make things easier, Discord is now introducing the ability to mention application commands in messages. Simply use the </command:id> syntax, with command being the command name and id being the ID of the command you want to mention. How do you easily get the ID, you ask? Simply start typing out a command, then right click the bar above your chat box like this:

Application Command ID Context Menu

Once put together, you should end up with something like this: </leaderboard:937908452720795659>. Once the message is posted you will end up with something like this:

Application Command Message

Now people will be able to click on the command to get it prefilled into their chat box. Pretty neat right? But there's more!

Easily re-run Application Commands

Got an Application Command that you want or need to run multiple times but don't want to always re-type? Fret no more, since now you can use the arrow key on your keyboard to go back to the command you have previously run. On top of that you can now also copy-paste slash commands that other people have run by clicking the command on top of their message and copying the command from there like this:

Copy Command