Custom Themes might be coming

Discord users have long wanted to customize the appearance of their app, even going as far as to break Discord's Terms of Service by using a modified client just so they could load custom themes. Soon however, this might no longer be needed.

A lot of Variables

In the past Discord's code used colors in a way that made it very hard to change a color that's used in multiple places since there was no central storage for them. Over time however Discord started making use of CSS Variables. These variables allow Discord to store colors in that central storage that they were missing.

In the past Discord used CSS variables to store all the different text and background colors, but as of very recently they added a lot more CSS variables including such as chat-background or modal-background which seem all too convenient as to not make them changeable by users.

Domain Takeover

On the company BrandIT GmbH filed a complaint with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center on behalf of Discord for the domain name, in which they argued that the disputed domain name was registered and is being used in bad faith. This was made public on Twitter by domain owner Audun H. on . The domain in question however was being used to distribute Server Templates, so not necessarily something that would be considered bad faith.

The Logical Conclusion

With the recent additions to CSS variables as well as this domain takeover, the way more logical reason is that Discord wants the domain name in order to let users share their custom themes with others using short links as is the case for invites, server templates and gifts. Additionally this is the first publicly known domain takeover made by Discord despite there being countless other domain names that do the same exact thing.